November 5, 2017



So we finally arrived to Venice after flying from Santo Domingo to Paris for 8h 30 mins, left DR at 6:00pm (DR time) and arrived at 8:30am (Paris time) then stayed at the airport for about 8 to 9 hours waiting to catch our flight to Venice at 5:20pm and arrived at 6:55pm. We decided to go to Italy first because anyway we had to go back to Paris to take our flight back to DR, so we decided to leave it for last. 


We arrived to Venice at 7pm at night and went straight to our hotel: Ca’ dell’Angelo.

Super beautiful hotel, best location in Venice because its right next to Piazza San Marco where you can take the Vaporeto to go somewhere else, also, its around all glamorous stores: Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, etc. and near a lot of good restaurants.  The rooms are very beautiful, they have murano lamps all over the place. If you want a room for two, with a beautiful view of the Gran Canal, you pay 250 euro a night (with breakfast included), or you can choose a room with an amazing bathtub bathroom its 200euros. 


We stayed in Venice for 5 nights, and stayed at Ca’ dell’Angelo for 4 nights. The last night we went to a Hotel 5 minutes away from the airport that was 120 euro the night. It was a very beautiful hotel, worth staying only the last night since it is right next to the airport and not in Venice Island. If you’re gonna be hanging out all of your days in Venice Island, its better to stay at a Hotel there even thou its a little bit more expensive. 


In Venice all hotels are a bit expensive, you pay 150euro and up. Do your reservations in time since Venice tends to get crowded during Summer Season.

In Venice you have to take the Vaporeto from transportation. I recommend you to buy the 4 day pass or week pass (depending on how much time you are planning to stay) because its a lot cheaper than to buy one ticket for one ride (this ticket its only valid for 1 hour and its 7.50euro). With the 4 day pass (its about 40 euro, unlimited rides, and its cheaper for people under 30) you can take the vaporeto and go to Murano & Burano, two beautiful islands very close to Venice, its about an hour ride and very very beautiful and worth it. Go early in the morning so you can enjoy your day with no rush.


Day 1: Walked all around Venice.

Day 2: Went to a Vineyard in a 45mins town away, the most expensive vineyard in the world. Vintage Sparkling Wine from Valdobbiadene, Prosecco, Italy.

Day 3: Burano. 

Day 4: Florence - back to Venice the same day. 

Day 5: Airport life. 


The first day we were in Venice Manny was taking photos of me in a hallway, and this random guy came out of nowhere and posed for the camera. Manny took a photo of him that turned out really cool so Manny showed him the photo. He was fascinated and we exchanged Instagram profiles for me to send him the photo. About an hour later, Matia (the guy) wrote to me and said “Hey, come to Dolce & Gabbana, I work here” and was like noooo, im gonna suffer because I will want it all and its too expensive, but he said “come, lets have fun”. So we went (Manny, my mom & me). Matia took us to a private room where he showed us a one million euro dress. It was a black diamond dress, beautiful. He said Kim Kardashian han bought one very similar last month. 

Then Matia & I started to have fun, he gave me dresses worth $10,000 euro for me to try on. I tried them on and felt like a princess. It was very fun and definitely an experience I hadnt thought I would have in the trip. 


In every little restaurant we ate in Venice, we loved the food. You pay around 45 euros for two (including two glasses of wine). I’d say you can eat everywhere you want and you’ll be satisfied. 






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