March 5, 2018

It was very hard for me to find an airline ticket from Santorini to Bordeaux. I had no idea Santorini’s airport was so small and they basically only fly to Athens. I found a flight (Vueling Airline) for US$436.92 for both of us that flew to Barcelona (3h 20min) and then to Bordeaux (1 more hour). 


We arrived to Bordeaux around 4:00pm in the afternoon and our friends Gaelle & Romain were waiting for us. In the airport we could already see grape trees, since Bordeaux its a wine-growing region. We went directly to Hourtin Plage, a very small surf town 1 hour away (this is were they live). We went to the beach, saw the big waves breaking on the shore. There was only one surfer in the water. We felt the cold water with our feet (we have never surfed in cold water with a wetsuit) and saw the amazing sunset. I was fascinated by the fact that Hourtin Plage is a town that only functions during summer. The town only has 2 restaurants and a surf shop (that were closed when we were there), so if you’re there and you don’t feel like cooking, you have no option than to cook or starve. I don’t know exactly how many houses are in Hourtin but it looks like there might be around 30. Its a very peaceful place, everybody who lives there is basically family. Hourtin has it all since you have a beach with waves, dunes, a forest, the biggest lake in Europe and its a protected area so it will be like this forever. 

If you’re wondering were to stay if you want to visit Hourtin, there’s a summer camp where you can rent an space. 


So, the sun went down and we went to the house and Gaelle had made Raclette for dinner. Raclette is a winter plate with cheese, potatoes and different types of ham. So, basically you boil the potatoes and then you melt the cheese, it gets crunchy and delicious and you just eat everything together. You can also add pickles. I loved it, it was good, I was full and its an easy dish to make. 


Next day we woke up and had croissants and chocolate croissants for breakfast. I love croissants. Then we went to the beach to see if the waves were good for surfing. It still was big and stormy so we drove around all the coast and went to around four different peaks. We had a very chill but fun day and went to sleep early that night. Oh! I almost forgot we had French Tacos for dinner and I ate so much I swear Im still a little bit full jejeje. 


So, next day we woke up early and headed for the road. Three hour drive from Hourtin Plage to Hossegor. Manny & I were so excited to go and see the waves and the surf culture (Hossegor is included in the world surfing tour championships). We arrived and the waves were very big, even for Manny, so we were a little bit bumped we weren’t able to surf in France with a wetsuit and in cold water for our first time, but the fact is we were so happy during the whole trip nothing could ruin that. We were just going with the flow. We sat in a restaurant by the beach, where the menu’s burgers where professional surfers names and drank a couple of beers, then we walked all around, bought a few things in the surf shops and headed to Biarritz. Its about half an hour drive from Hossegor to Biarritz. 


OMG you guys, I really wasn’t expecting to get surprised with everything I had already seeing during the trip, but WOW, Biarritz is so beautiful. The architecture is amazing. You have all this beautiful buildings in one side, and then the beach on the other side. People walking in the streets with their surfboards. All kinds of people. I wish we’ve had more time just to sit and watch everything and everybody. We walked around, saw the waves for a while, went to a bar and drank beer and headed back home to our last night in Hourtin. 


So next day we woke up again jajaja . This was our last day with our friends Gaelle & Romain and they took us to Bordeaux. We headed to a famous restaurant: L’Entrecôte where they serve only one dish: entrecôte meat, with a delicious sauce (i’ve been told) and french fries. Unfortunately we couldn’t eat there because there was a 3 hour waiting line (and they don’t do reservations) and we were taking the train to Paris later that day and wanted to walk around Bordeaux. I was surprised by the beauty of this town (Again!). Truth is, France, wherever you decide to go its beautiful. We went to eat Shawarma, omg, the best i’ve ever had and then just walked around and enjoyed the beauty everywhere I looked. Bordeaux was nominated the world’s best city to visit, its a wine lover’s holiday. You’ve definitely love it and enjoy it if you go!



We took the train & arrived to Paris late at night and very tired so we went directly to bed. We stayed at our friend Benji’s house, who lives right next to the Arc du Triumph.







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