March 5, 2018

After five days in Venice we were anxious to go to Santorini. We woke up and went straight to the airport. Volotea’s Airline departure to Santorini was at 03:45pm arriving at 07:05pm (Greece is one more hour than Italy).  We boarded on time and were ready to take off when the captain said that the plane was damaged and they had to fix it, but lucky us, they had another plane available that would take us to our destination. We changed planes and took off, the flight was 2 hours long. The sunset was beautiful while we were flying. When we had 1hour 10 mins on air, the captain announced that this plane was damaged too, and that we had to go back to Venice. Everybody felt unsafe and upset. They took us back to Venice, instead of Santorini, because all of their mechanics were there.  So we arrived back and again we changed plane (to the first one that had already been fixed) took off, and finally arrived to Santorini. It upset me that they couldn’t even gave us free water after all of those hours on their planes. 


So we arrived at Santorini, so so happy inspite the airline crappy service, and were starving to death. We hadn’t eaten nothing at all in the whole day. 

A taxi was sent from the Hotel to pick us up (25euro, its a service you have to request) so I immediately asked him: “Is there some place you can take us to eat dinner ? I know the hotel kitchen closes at 10pm”. He didn’t speak good english so he called the Hotel were a very helpful and kind woman told me not to worry about food, they had thought we would be hungry and had dinner ready for us in the room.


When we arrived at the hotel: ABSOLUTE BLISS, located in Imerovigli, I knew we were in paradise. We couldn’t see anything at all because there’s little light at night, but we could feel the magic of the place already. They took us to our room, which looked even more beautiful than in photos, explained everything to us: breakfast was served in our room, and we could order anything we wanted from the menu, and all details we needed to know. When the staff left, Manny and I started jumping, hugging, kissing and I think I even cried a little bit of happiness. All rooms at this hotel have ocean view balconies. We paid US$187 the night and was totally worth it, best money spent in my life! (total of US$563 for 3 nights). So, we sat at the balcony and enjoyed a free delicious dinner for two and a bottle of wine. We were very pleased with the hotel for having this attention with us. Few minutes after we finished dinner, the phone rang. It was the same lady asking us if we wanted a FREE room upgrade with a bigger terrace and a private hot jacuzzi, of course I said, we definitely want that. We had seen the jacuzzi room when we booked the hotel but was worth US$450 the night so we couldn’t afford it. 


Next day we woke up with the sunrise and the view was breathtaking. Its such a beautiful place you can’t explain with words. It looks prettier than in photos, its really amazing to watch. 

We ate breakfast  (fruits, eggs, juice, bread, jam, coffee..) in our room balcony with an ocean view and then got upgraded to the jacuzzi room (thank God because the pool was too cold four us, but the jacuzzi was perfect).  The weather felt a little bit cold at 19C, it felt like 14C in Venice because its very humid. As soon as you get under the sun the cold goes away. 


We decided to stay in Imerovigli for the day, walk 30 minutes to Fira enjoying the view and taking pictures. The walk was fun, i wore sandals instead of sneakers (should’ve worn sneakers because the floor is in stones). We walked for a few hours and then went back to the hotel to enjoy the sunset. OMG! the sunset was spectacular, we open a bottle of wine in the terrace and just enjoyed the moment full field with happiness. We didn’t do much more that day, went it the jacuzzi, ordered dinner to our room and rested. Jet lag was very hard on us for almost the entire trip. 


Next day we woke up early and decided we were going to Oia. You can take a taxi (25 euro), or take the bus (1.80 euro per person) or go walking 8km (2hr walk). We took the bus and it was full of people, we were standing up for the 15-20minute ride. When we arrived to Oia I started going crazy with the stores. They have so many handmade house decorations totally my style. Unfortunately I couldn’t buy much because my baggage was the exact weight allowed in the next two airlines I had to take. I ended up buying a purse, a salt and pepper greek little ceramic pigs, necklaces and a few more things. 

We walked all day, took pictures and then we got hungry. Looking for a restaurant we saw this place where you could have a pedicure with Doctor Fishes. This seemed like maybe a one time life experience so I thought I should try it. I paid 10 euro for 10 minutes. At first it felt weird to put my feet in a fish tank , and as soon as you sumerge your feet the little fishes come quickly and grab your feet. I felt a little tickle but started enjoying it right away. The lady from the fish pedicure place (can’t remember the name) recommended us to go it to MELTINI, the best greek restaurant in Santorini. You have to make reservations because its a small place and its always full, but we got lucky and were able to eat with no waiting time. Many ordered a Musaka, a plate with eggplant, meet, potatoes and I ordered meat balls. Everything was really good. Then we went back to the hotel for a romantic dinner and get ready for France the next day.

We are so grateful to have had the chance to make this trip real. People always find a way to want more and more, and the truth is I was a little bit sad we had to leave the next day, since I wanted one more day to do a few more things (hike up the mountain in the middle of the sea, go to the vineyard, and just walk around) but I feel totally satisfied, happy & grateful to have stayed in this magic place with the love of my life. 


So here’s my advice: if you’re going on a romantic getaway to Santorini, I’d say book a hotel in Imerovigli. Its such a beautiful, quiet, peaceful place and everybody its just in a romantic mood. Its also a great place to take pictures (well, the whole island is). Oia is definitely a must for fun and shopping. So rest in Imerovigli, party in Oia.  And if you’re having doubts, if you’re not sure if you wanna go, just GO, it’ll be worth it. 































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